Ridge Baseball Club provides youth baseball opportunities through Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball to boys and girls in Basking Ridge, Bernards Township and surrounding communities in New Jersey.

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1) All players in attendance must be placed in a continuous batting order.  There is no Extra Hitter rule.
2) Late arriving players will follow the last batter in the batting order.
3) Team rosters are limited to 15 players.  No player can be added to a roster after the 1st game.  Rosters must be in a manager’s possession at all times with all proper credentials to verify a player’s eligibility.  No credentials, player is ineligible to play.
4) There is no minimum play rule defensively.
5) All roster players are eligible for the play-offs regardless of the number of regular season games attended.
6) Three adult coaches and a Scorekeeper are the only individuals permitted in a dugout with a team.
1) Free defensive substitutions.
2) There is no automatic out due to a player’s leaving a game regardless of injury or early departure.
3) A team may start and finish a game with 8 players, no less. If at some point during the game you lose a player or players (but are still at 8 or more players), you will NOT take an out for the player(s) that are no longer in the lineup when it is their turn to bat again.

Rules of the Game
1) Infield fly rule is in effect (Except 8U and 9u divisions).
2) Batters are permitted to run on dropped 3rd strikes (11U and 12U divisions only).
3) Intentional walk rule - Catcher or Coach requests that the umpire award first base, no pitches are necessary, ball is dead.  Can request on any ball and strike count, too.
4) Courtesy runners for catchers only with 2 outs to speed up play (9u division courtesy runner can be with 1 out, 8u is at any time). Last Batted out. All pitchers run for themselves (8u, courtesy runner for pitcher is allowed at any time).
5) All base runners must slide or avoid contact when there is a close play at any base or home plate.  Any contact by a player may result in either a warning, being called out and/or ejected from the game.  This is a judgment call by the umpire.
6) Head First sliding is not permitted unless a runner is returning to a base.
7) No leading in the 8U, 9U and 10U divisions until after the ball crosses the plate (one warning per team, 2nd offense runner is out).
8) Runners may lead from a base in the 11U and 12U divisions only.
9) Stealing Home is permitted at the 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U divisions.
10) No metal spikes allowed.
11) All non-wood bats must have USABat Marking. Barrel Maximum 2 5/8". No BBCOR Bats are permitted. 
12) Game is live in all divisions until time out is called on the field.

Time Limit

1) No new inning may start after 1 hour 50 minutes from the start of the game.  Each game has a two hour hard stop.

 2) The start time of the game is when the Home team takes the field.  Umpires and Managers must announce the start time of the game.  If the start time of the game is not announced then the teams will assume the start time of the game as posted on the RBC web site.

3) Games are official after 4 innings. Games can go into extra innings as long as the two hour hard stop has not been reached. Pool play games can end in a tie.

4) If the home team enters the bottom half of an inning and scores the go ahead run or ties the game before a third out is made and the two hour hard stop has been reached, the home team will be declared the winner or it will be a tie game and the score will not revert back to the prior inning.

However, if the away team has batted in the top of the inning to take the lead and the two hour hard stop is reached, the score does revert back to the prior inning.

1) Balks will be called in the 11U and 12U divisions only.  There will be one warning per pitcher before a runner advances to the next base.
2) A pitcher cannot pitch more than 6 innings in two consecutive games for any time period, (Examples: 2-4-2, 3-3-3, 6-0-6, and 1-5-1).  One pitch counts as an inning pitched.
3) A coach is permitted to make one trip to the mound per pitcher per inning.  On the second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning that pitcher must be removed from the game.  The maximum number of trips to the mound for the same pitcher in more than one inning is three per game, which the pitcher must be removed from the game at that point.
4) Once a pitcher is removed from a game, they can no longer pitch in that game.
5) A pitcher cannot have white on their sleeves.
6) It is the team manager’s responsibility to track pitching rotations and provide this information prior to any game.  Team managers must bring any discrepancies to the attention of the Tournament / League Director in order for a pitcher to be disqualified.

Mercy Rule
1) All Divisions will have a ten (10) run mercy rule.  The Home team must have batted in four innings before this rule goes into effect.
1) The Home team is the first team listed on the schedule at ridgebaseballclub.com.
2) All Home teams are responsible for reporting game scores within one (1) hour of the completion of the game to tournaments@ridgebaseballclub.com.
3) Points will be awarded as follows:
           a.  Win = 3 points
           b.  Tie = 2 points
           c.  Loss = 1 point
           d.  Forfeit = 0 points (does not count in standings)
4) Tie Break
           a.  Head to Head
           b.  Runs Allowed
           c.  Run Differential
           d.  Coin Flip
1) Top 4 teams make the play-offs, if two divisions, top two teams in each division.  If more than 10 teams in a division, the play-off format may be expanded to include a quarter final round.
2) Highest seed is the home team.
3) Mercy rule and time limit (see above) apply to quarter and semi-final games unless tied, which a game must finish with a winner.  There is no time limit for the championship games (except lights out).
4) Pitching rules do not reset for the play-offs
1) Arbiter Sports – ArbiterSports is responsible for assigning umpires for every tournament / league game.  The web site is https://www.arbitersports.com/, the user id is    and the password is “brll”.   You will find the name and the phone numbers of the umpires for your games under the schedule tab.  There will be two umpires assigned to the 12U and 11U divisions and 1 umpire assigned in the 10U, 9U and 8U divisions.
2) During the play-offs, two umpires will be assigned to all play-off games in all divisions.
3) Spring League Only – Umpire fee is $55 each to be paid by both teams (8U, 9u, 10U - $27.50 each, 11U, 12U - $55 each). 


1) Batting Cages – The general rule is for the Home team on the RBC web site schedule to occupy the batting cage 1st in the hour before the start time of a game and the Away team on the RBC web site schedule is to occupy the batting cage for the next 25 minutes, leaving 10 minutes to return to the dugout before the start of the game.  Due to travel, please be courteous in sharing the batting cages appropriately before games, approximately 25 minutes each.  Teams must vacate cages 10 minutes before the start of a game.
2) Car Pooling – It is recommended that each team car pool with as many players as possible to help with parking at the complex.  Space is limited in the lot and the neighbors are very sensitive to cars parking on the streets.  Wedgewood Drive requires a permit to park on this street.
3) Parking – Please maintain orderly parking at the complex and on the streets, as the police will ticket anyone parked in a no parking zone whether marked or not.  Please maximize the parking spaces by maintaining even distances between cars.
4) No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the complex.  Any disorderly conduct will require removal of that individual from the grounds.
5) Sportsmanship – Managers, Coaches, Players, Parents, Fans and guests at the Ridge Baseball Club Complex are expected to behave in an appropriate manner consistent with the game and cheering for their team.  All individuals should have the utmost respect for one another and good sportsmanship should be displayed by everyone.
6) Any disputes should be brought to the attention of the League / Tournament Director.  If a dispute arises during a game, please email tournaments@ridgebaseballclub.com.
7) Schedule changes – Please email scheduling@ridgebaseballclub   for all schedule change requests.
8) There is no batting practice permitted on any field at the Ridge Baseball Club Complex.
9) Any player warming up the pitcher must wear a catcher’s mask.
10) Any player warming up an outfielder not in the game must wear a helmet.
11) No infield practice prior to the start of a game, use outfields only.

12) No metal donuts on bats to warm-up.

13) No soft toss into any fences.

14) No pepper games near dugouts.

15) A player cannot be on more than one roster per age group.

16) Teams may not warm up pitchers before a game from the pitcher’s mound on the field.  There are three bullpens on the complex that should be used for pre-game and between inning warm-ups. 

17) Any rule not covered by the above information will be referred to in the Cal Ripken rule book for ages 8 – 12 yr. old.

Teams will take 2 minutes in between innings to come on and off the field and warm up. Pitchers are permitted to throw 8 warm-up pitches in their first inning of work or 5 warm-up pitches every other inning that they pitch in the game. If a catcher is still getting dressed, a coach or another player (w/mask) should be ready to warm-up the pitcher. By following these guidelines, we expect more games to go to completion instead of being cut short due to the 2hr time limit.

Intentionally delaying a game to achieve a victory through the time limit is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated. The umpires and/or tournament officials at the game reserve the right to eject a coach or player for intentionally delaying a game and possibly declare a forfeit to that team.  Conversely, a team cannot intentionally speed up the game by acting in a manner that does not promote good sportsmanship and competition between teams.
Roster with matching Birth certificates of all players must be with managers at all times during tournament / league games. In the event an opposing team requests to review a player’s birth certificate, the team must produce the birth certificate for review. This request must go directly to the umpire at any time during the game but not after the game is over and teams have left the field (Tournament League Director must be called for review). In the event a team cannot produce the birth certificate, said player will be removed from that game and any remaining game that the team plays in regardless if the team produces it at a later time. Example: After game resumes or next game. The Tournament / League Director may at his/her discretion forfeit any previous games played depending on the impact that player had in any previous games. There are no excuses! Make sure you have birth certificates for all of your players! Roster challenges will not be treated as a protest.
Parking/No Tailgating
Please do not set up tables in the parking lot, as this is a safety hazard and can block emergency vehicles from entering the complex.  Also, since we have limited parking, this will allow us to maximize as much parking space as possible.
Wedgewood Drive:  Permit parking is required on Wedgewood Drive across from the RBC Complex.  Please be aware that anyone parked on this street without a permit will be ticketed.
Lightning Policy
It is the policy of Ridge Baseball Club that the following requirements and
procedures be followed with regard to ensuring the safety of everyone attending or participating in a Ridge Baseball game in the event of lightning:

1. Each league official (e.g., Board members), manager, coach, and umpire should read & become familiar with the Lightning Safety Tips on page 2 of this policy. This will help everyone understand the background information on this entire topic, including recent research and findings on lightning


·         Lightning is observed anywhere on the skyline

·         Thunder is heard

·         The sky above or in the immediate proximity to the playing field looks threatening

3. Once play is halted, all players, managers, coaches, umpires, and spectators will move to a place of safety. THE DUGOUTS ARE NOT A PLACE OF SAFETY AT THE COMPLEX. Therefore, the safest available place is inside a motor vehicle.

4. All adults and umpires in attendance will proactively ensure that children and others in their care will remain in their vehicles until the umpires say that it is safe to resume playing.

5. The game will not be resumed until 30 minutes have passed from the last time lightning was observed or thunder heard. At the 25 minute mark with no lightning observed or thunder heard, the umpires will allow the teams to leave their vehicles and return to the dugouts to make preparations to resume the game.

making decisions regarding halting or resuming the game. The only factor that will be considered is the presence/absence of lightning/thunder/threatening skies.

7. Upon resumption of game activities, each team, when they take the field defensively, will be allowed a small amount of extra time to warm up.
8.  Every attempt will be made to complete games when inclement weather occurs but fields remain playable, as lights are available until 9 PM M-Th when school is in session, and until 10 PM once school is out.  Lights are always available until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday evening.  Umpires are required to remain at the field until managers agree that a game should be canceled.  The dates applicable to this clause are from April 24 through August 8.

8 year old league rules
Playing Rules: Normal youth baseball rules are applied with the following exceptions:
1.  No Infield Fly Rule is in effect.
2.  Maximum of 5 runs per half inning or 3 outs, whichever comes first.  The maximum run rule is waived in the 6th inning and/or if a batter hits a home run over the fence.  If the 6th inning is not reached or does not finish, the score reverts back to the last complete inning.  Managers or Umpires cannot call the last inning, games must play to the time limits.

3.  Mercy Rule - 10 runs - 5 innings will be in effect.
4.  Pitching Limitation: Pitchers may not pitch more than three innings in any one game.
5.  Stealing: Stealing of 2nd and 3rd base is allowed but stealing of home is not permitted.

6. Pitched Ball, Passed Ball & Wild Pitch:
a. Runners may not score from 3rd base on any pitch, wild pitch, passed ball or throw back to the pitcher.
b. Runners may advance from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd, runners are limited to advancing one base at a time per pitch. 

c. Batted ball, if a ball is batted in play, a runner may advance to any base until pitcher has control of the ball in the vicinity of the mound. Once this happens, a runner must return to the base last touched. If the runner is more than halfway, runner may advance to the base. However, this will be enforced at the umpire's discretion.

7. After three hit batters in same inning the pitcher must be removed.

8. Teams may play with 4 outfielders. Outfielders must be on the outfield grass.

9. Bunting is allowed in 8u, but no slash bunting.

10. No delayed stealing is allowed.

11. Base runner may tag up and advance at own risk.

12. Base runners may advance one base per overthrow. However, per above, runner may not advance home on overthrow.